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Mission statement

“Using the collective expertise of patients, clinicians, researchers and artificial intelligence to improve the care of people who live with many health conditions and medicines”

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to characterize the dynamic inter-relationships between MUltiple Long-term condiTIons and PoLYpharmacy and across diverse UK populations and inform health care pathways (AI-MULTIPLY)

In 2021, the consortium was awarded a NIHR development award to investigate artificial intelligence for multiple long-term conditions (AIM). Since gaining the award, the consortium established collaborations within the AIM community, connected with patients and the public, and explored data engineering methods to best investigate the data.

Following the success of the consortium, AI MULTIPLY applied to become a Research Collaborative as part of the NIHR Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions (AIM) call, funded by the UKRI Medical Research Council Strategic Priorities Fund. In 2022 they were successful in being awarded further funding to expand on the research carried out within the development award.

This funding will allow AI MULTIPLY to delve deeper into the research started in the development award and better understand the relationships between multiple long-term conditions, polypharmacy, personal and social factors to optimise treatment for individual patients.

The UKRI Medical Research Council Strategic Priorities Fund is an £830 million investment in multi- and interdisciplinary research supporting a number of projects working in parallel with AI MULTIPLY: