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Management group

The management team, a multi-disciplinary group of experts and stakeholders, provide strategic guidance to AI Multiply and meet on a fortnightly basis. This meeting is chaired by Prof. Nick Reynolds and serves as a forum for transparent information sharing and discussion.

The group discuss:

  • Updates from the project workstreams: public and patient engagement, the data team, the data access group and all relevant stakeholders.
  • Latest enquiries including collaborations and project opportunities.
  • Progress against milestones.

Project Leads

Work package 1 - Data access, data wrangling, data engineering

Work package 1 Lead(s)

Work package 1 Team members

Work package 2 - AI for MLTC and polypharmacy clusters, time course and trajectories

Work package 2 Lead(s)

Work package 2 Team members

Work package 3 - Towards interpretation and clinical decision making

Work package 3 Lead(s)

Work package 3a Mental Health Lead

Work package 3b Inflammation Lead

Work package 4 - Social science investigation of Interdisciplinary entanglements

Work package 4 Lead(s)

Work package 5 - Health and social care outcomes: translation into practice

Work package 5 Lead(s)

Cross-cutting: Inequalities


Team members

Cross-cutting: Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE)

PPIE Lead(s)

PPIE Team members