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Management group

Professor James Wason

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Professor Wason is a statistician with interests in methods for improving the efficiency of clinical trials through better design and analysis approaches. As well as working in methodology development…

Dr Megan Clinch

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Dr Megan Clinch is a Social Anthropologist, and undertook her doctoral research at the BIOS Centre, London School of Economics. She has conducted research at the Institute of Public…

Dr Vanessa Apea

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Dr Vanessa Apea is a consultant physician in Genito-urinary and HIV medicine and the clinical lead for Sexual Health at Barts Health NHS Trust. She is also an Honorary…

Dr Chris Plummer

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Dr Chris Plummer, as Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) for Health Informatics and consultant cardiologist, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Great North Care Record, and Newcastle…

Dr Tom Lawton

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Dr Tom Lawton MBE is a Critical Care Consultant and Clinical Director of cBradford, with experience in routine data, AI safety and prediction modelling. He will supervise replication of…

Ceri Durham

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Ceri first became involved as a health services user representative in 2006 when she was pregnant with her first child. She quickly realised that if she was finding it…

Dr Sohan Seth

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Sohan is currently a research associate at the Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation in University of Edinburgh working with 

Dr Adam Todd

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Adam is a Reader in Pharmaceutical Public Health in the School of Pharmacy at Newcastle University.  He has been a registered pharmacist for the last 16 years and still…

Dr Sarah Finer

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Sarah is Clinical Senior Lecturer in Diabetes at the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health at Queen Mary University London. She studied medicine at University College London,…

Professor Nick Reynolds

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Nick Reynolds is Professor of Dermatology and Director of Diagnostics at Newcastle University and a practising clinician at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

He co-leads the consortium with Mike Barnes,…

Dr Daniel Stow

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Daniel is a postdoctoral researcher, and holds a School For Primary Care Research (SPCR) launching fellowship. He is a member of the Ageing and Geroscience theme, and my…

Professor Alastair Burt

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Born in Dunfermline, Alastair moved to Newcastle University to become Senior Lecturer in Pathology and Honorary Consultant Histopathologist. In 2005 he became Dean of Clinical Medicine.

Alastair maintains a strong…